An element of INSPIRATION


Today Williamsburg is not just a portal to Manhattan, it’s the place to be. Tagged “Little Berlin” for its vibrant arts scene and pulsating nightlife, its renowned specialty boutiques, chic eateries, and bustling creative community have made the town a true destination. Serviced by the L, J, M, Z, and G trains along with over a dozen bus routes and forthcoming Citywide Ferry Service, Williamsburg’s population surge has resulted in an abundance of business and social opportunities. Access to highly ranked public and charter schools from pre-K through grade 12 has also made Williamsburg a desired place to raise a family.

A home in Williamsburg is a privilege, but the Element at 88 Withers takes it one step further. Its cantilevered, contrasting stories depict Williamsburg’s cultural diversity, while the structure as a whole echoes the neighborhood’s sturdy and adventurous common spirit. Living in the Element not only provides a home in the heart of the town, but instills all who behold the structure with the very attitude of Williamsburg.

So take a stroll. See a landmark. Grab a bite. Catch a show and feel the beat. Shop specialty, never generic. Don’t go with the flow, make your own. Join us, who stand out. RYBAK and BK welcome you to the newest, boldest architecturally designed home in one of the nation’s most coveted neighborhoods, where dreams are constructed with a concrete facade, and distinction is elemental.